About Us

Although not a religious organization per se, the Lowcountry Furniture Bank was formed out of a spirit of Missio Dei or the “Sending of God.” Additionally we believe that everyone has a purpose on earth and part of our purpose is to assist those in need.
The Lowcountry Furniture Bank was founded as a non-profit corporation in June 2011, by Steve Paterniti and the expert legal services of the Bostic Law Firm. Steve and his wife, Bonnie, have been an integral part of the Charleston Community for over 30 years. Throughout the years they have partnered with the Trident United Way, Low Country Food Bank, HALOS, and MUSC YES Campaign in addition to many other charitable works. Steve is an ordained minister and has been involved in several charitable and social service works dating back to the 80’s

Board of Directors

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Founder & Director

Steve Paterniti

E-mail: SteveP@LowcountryFurnitureBank.org

Phone: 843 532-0395  Absolutely No Telephone Referrals

The Lowcountry Furniture bank currently does not have any paid staff.


It is our plan to serve as an all-volunteer organization through 2019.