What is a furniture bank?

·        A furniture bank is much like a food bank only with furniture.   We collect usable furniture and donate it to individuals and families in need, such as mothers and children escaping domestic violence, formerly homeless people moving into housing, and families taking in foster children. 


How does the Lowcountry Furniture Bank work?

·        The Lowcountry Furniture Bank serves as an area-wide clearinghouse for furniture and other essential items.

o   We supply needed items through our Community Partners who will

§  assess the needs of individuals or families in their area

§  arrange for selection and delivery of needed items

§  develop a relationship with those they serve

§  continue with that individual or family until they reach a point of self-sufficiency


What is a Community Partner?

·         Community Partners  consist of any agency, or group of people who are able to

o   provide a mechanism for intake & determination of need

o   communicate the need to the Lowcountry Furniture Bank or other agencies

o   facilitate pick-up and/or delivery of the items needed

o   provide a continued point of contact for those served

§  For example, a group, church, synagogue, or mosque can be a point of contact in a neighborhood for those in need.

§  The group volunteer will talk with the individual or family to determine what items are needed.

§  The volunteer will request needed items from the Lowcounty Furniture Bank.

§  The volunteer will arrange for pick up, delivery, and set up the furniture. 

§  Last but not least, the volunteer will continue in a relationship with the individual or family served to provide continued support as needed until that family or individual becomes self-sufficient.


How does my group become a Community Partner?

·        A representative from your group can call Steve Paterniti at 843-532-0395 to set up a meeting to discuss becoming a Community Partner.


How can I Volunteer?


How do I make a Financial Contribution?

Online donations can be made through Amazon Payments. Please go to the Donate tab access the link to Amazon Payments.  


If you prefer to write a check, Please make your check payable to  


“Lowcountry Furniture Bank” and mail it to:

Lowcountry Furniture Bank

1643-B Savannah Highway #298

Charleston, SC 29407


·       The Lowcountry Furniture Bank is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and listed as a charity in “Good Standing” with the South Carolina Secretary of State. 


·        The Lowcountry Furniture Bank is an all-volunteer organization.  We currently do not have any paid staff or employees. 


·       All cash contributions from the public go toward items needed by those we serve.  In 2018 and 2019 alone we purchased over $10,000 in new beds when our inventory was not sufficient to serve those on our wait list.  


What items does the Lowcountry Furniture Bank accept?

AsAAs of May 2019, our warehouse is full and we are not accepting any furniture donations at this time.  


Do You Accept Corporate Donations?

·        Yes!  Motels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast Inns, Retailers, and Wholesalers are all encouraged to donate their usable items.  We will put the items to good use, provide you a receipt, and our assurance that your donated items will not be sold.


Do You Accept Office Furniture?

·        We are unable to use office furniture, partitions, supplies, etc.  In the past these have been distributed to non-profit agencies and groups in need of such.  Contact the Trident United Way 2-1-1 call center to see if an local agency can use your donation.


Do You Accept Clothing or Food?

·        The Lowcountry Furniture Bank does not warehouse or stage clothing or food.  However, we do have Community Partners that would be happy to receive your donation.  If you have a bulk supply of such, we will work with you to ensure it goes to one or more of our Community Partners.   


How do I apply for a job at the Lowcountry Furniture Bank?

·        The Lowcountry Furniture Bank is an all-volunteer organization.  We currently do not have any paid staff or employees. 


How can my Employer Get Involved?

·        There are a few ways to get involved

o   Volunteer

§  Help stage furniture and other items in our warehouse. 

§  Scheduling your group and company vehicle to meet at one of our donor hotels, load your truck with donated furniture, bring it to our warehouse, and unload the truck. 

§  Schedule a team-building event such as purchasing and assembling a number of dressers, tables, etc.

§  We can further discuss your volunteer options by calling 843-532-0395.

o   Give

§  Make us a part of your corporate community support program.

§  Hold an annual drive for needed items such as bedding, bath linens, etc.

§  Make a cash contribution to the Lowcountry Furniture Bank.

o   Support

§  Speak with your suppliers and vendors about sending usable items to the Lowcountry Furniture Bank.

·         For example one employer who has frequent out of town visitors has a relationship with several hotels. They asked the hotel manager to consider the Lowcountry Furniture Bank when it comes time to recycle furniture, bedding, and bath linens.


How do I Receive Furniture?  We are unable to accept self-referrals.  

The Lowcountry Furniture Bank is not set up to handle self-referrals. As of June 2013 we are focusing our effors on one family at a time as they move out of a shelter and into their own home. As we enlist more volunteers, acquire more furniure and space, we will expand services as we are able.       



Do you have a Thrift Store where used items are sold?

·       No.  Our donors have freely given their items with the understanding that we in-turn are giving the furniture away to those in need.  Occasionally, we will receive an item and later find that it is not suitable for our clients.  In some cases the items may be too big to fit into a standard apartment or mobile home.   In other cases, it may simply be something that our clientele does not need.

o   In these situations, we will attempt to trade that item for a needed item.  For example, we received a donation of a china cabinet only to find that our clients had no use for such an item.  We offered the china cabinet in trade for a kitchen table and chairs.

o   In the rare event that an item is not suitable or cannot be traded, we will offer it for private sale and the proceeds used to purchase needed items.